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47° 39′ 23″ N, 122° 18′ 44″ W for Piano

The Henry Gallery, Seattle


In April 2016 I performed a live traffic score for the Henry Gallery, Seattle (47° 39′ 23″ N, 122° 18′ 44″ W for Piano) as part of the Six Weeks, In Time exhibition. This composition involved playing the comings and goings on NE 15th Avenue, the road which runs along the side the gallery.  The live performance was a 35 minute piano duet performed by myself and my son Finn, we observed the passing traffic from the position of a raised walkway looking down onto the road, while a seated audience sat close to the road, at road level and experienced the piece from a distance of just a few feet.


Additionally, inside the gallery were three looped scored films of the pedestrian traffic that flows around the gallery sidewalks.


To and Fro/Circuit Dialogue/Default

Reflection/Cosmic Reflection/Electro Steps

Shadow/Cloud Break/Warm Pad

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