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How to Score Interstate 5 (Part 1).

A series of investigations from the P.O.V of sitting in a car on Interstate 5.

Investigations include score; "Traveling I-5 (for choir on bus, and triangle") and a lecture/performance in the Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center conference room. The lecture instructed the audience in ways to turn their everyday commute into an uplifting musical experience, plus a quiz, short film, snacks and a musical traffic "jam" session.

December 2016

Extract from Traveling I-5 for choir on bus and triangle

How to Score I-5

Graphic Score

"Deskbells for I-5 travel" activity during lecture

"Quiz activity during lecture

Potty talk

Explaining the history of the only fully metric interstate in the USA

An example of I-5 scored between exit 303 and exit 300 going south (for flute, percussion, bass, rhodes piano and voices)

Build your own musical score pamphlet

Score notes

View of I-5 (looking west) from Fort Vancouver


Re-thinking Hamilton Corner


Controversial Hamilton Corner Billboard reimagined with quotes from Hamilton the Musical

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